i would like to give credit and say thanx a whole bunch to the provider of this info over the tattoos. thanx a whole bunch amanda from the McLean Homepage.

+A.J's Tattoos+

+Tribal Marking+:
Location is on the top of A.J.'s left arm.
It is A.J's nickname in tribal.
This is A.J's first tattoo which was in March of 1997.

+Laugh Now+:
Location is below A.J.'s tribal tattoo on left arm.
Part of a saying, "You can laugh now, but you will cry later."
This is A.J.'s 3rd tattoo which was in 1998.

+Comedy Mask+:
Location is below "Laugh Now" on left arm.
The comedy mask is used in the theatre and of course A.J. loves theatre.
Thjs is A.J.'s 4th tattoo which was in June of 1998.

+Da Bone(in a Cross)+:
Location is on the top of his right arm.
It is his nickname inside a Catholic Cross
This is his 2nd tattoo which was in November of 1997.

+The Cross inside a Flaming Heart+:
Location is in the middle of his right arm.
It is a heart with a chain of thorns and with flames coming out with a small croos in the middle. The Flames=Holy Spirit/or resurrection,Chains= Thorns=Crown of Thorns on Jesus' head during death,Cross=Crucifix
This is his 8th tattoo in Novemder of 1998

+Chinese Symbols:(means Dangerous, Violate, Bear)+:
Location is on the Bottom of Right arm, below Jesus Heart.
Chinese Writing means Dangerous Violate Bear(or Panda) Why is it this? well AJ says its dangerous to steal from the bear or Panda, meaning their habitats or environment! Or you can look at it that, its dangerous to violate them, to steal from them to violate their space!
He got this tattoo in July of 1998.

Location is on the back left shoulder.
People believe that he was born in the year of the Dragon, he even stated that in the Yahoo chat, but in fact the year of the serpent ends in February '78. If AJ was born in the year of the serpent he will be turning 21 on the 9'th of January, 1999, which he did!
This was his 5th tattoo, done with the Comedy mask.

+The No. 69+:
Location is on his Belly button, Stomach.
69 is AJ's FAVE number!Its a lucky number to him, as its always poping up in his life. His first house grow up and born in had 69 in the number, car licence plate, had 69, grandparents had things with 69. Its just a recording number. Please leave AJ alone with this number it may mean the other thing, but to him its a lucky number just like everyone has a lucky number!
This was done before the boys went to New York in march of 99.

+The Millenium Dragon+:
Location is on the back right shoulder.
The Millennium dragon, is a bit absract, but it means to him well the year 2000, and the bsb cd was titled this. The dragon is a reddy/orange and black colors!
He got this in July of 1999 done while on tour in Europe.